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The Modular Desk and its Many Add-ons

The Modular Desk and its Many Add-ons

If the Mateo Sit-Stand desk is artful — come on, of course it is, just look at it — then consider yourself an artist. Because there are so many combinations of add-ons that you can truly make it your own, a customized remote work space that inspires you. 

Take a look. Make a list. Then get to work customizing. Then, hrmm, get to work working remotely or else what did you get this desk for in the first place.

The Partition and its pals.

The Partition

Sure, it’ll block sightlines from other people in your office or
remote work setup so that you don’t get distracted by the fact that you just saw somebody take the last Friday donut hole. But what’s more is you can add other Mateo accessories onto this partition. As for the donut-hole-sized hole in your work day, you snooze you lose apparently.

The Small Shelf

Hey, Alesea. What do you think about our small shelf?

It’s a small thing, but I really love the small shelf. You can add a small little decor piece or a plant to brighten up the workspace without taking up space on the desk itself.”

- Alesea, Mateo Admin Assistant and resident badass

The Long Shelf

Our long shelf is like our small shelf, but, you guessed it, longer. This powder-coated shelf easily attaches to the Partition. 

So you can spend less time hanging it and more time figuring out what to put on it. Pictures of family. Pictures of friends. Pictures of your new Mateo Sit-Stand desk setup. Hey, you’ve always wanted to put some art in your work space

The Lamp

Slide this LED task lamp into the accessory guide on your Partition. Or just sit it on your desktop. Either way, today’s looking brighter already.

"I love the multi functionality of that lamp. On the table or integrating into the vertical surface of the partition. Especially when using the drafting attachment!

- Matt, Mateo’s Founder + Creative Director

Set up a second screen.


The Tablet Holder

While we were still getting the backlighting just right, our Art Director, Alex, figured out we already had the perfect Zoom/Hangout/Teams video setup. 

“The tablet holder allows me to augment my laptop setup and use it as a second monitor, monitor stand. Perfect for video chats, keeping Slack open and more.”

- Alex, Mateo Art Director

On second thought, see ya later, screens.

The Drafting Table

Calling all architects, engineers, artists and, you know what, anyone who likes to put pen, brush or just about anything else to paper. 

Add this drafting table attachment and get busy.

“It’s a surface to sketch on. But I can also use it as a white eraser board. I like being able to hang it on the leg and hide it away as well."

- Matt, Mateo’s Founder + Creative Director

Adore Where You Store More

The Storage Unit

Put things out of the way, but within reach. This seamless storage system with a file drawer and shelves fits within either desk leg. 

The Waste Bin/PC Holder

Like The Storage Unit, this holder fits within either desk leg. Perfect size for either a PC tower or the custom metal waste bin we provide. 

Surely, Mac users are just waiting to make a joke about where they’d like to store a PC, but let’s keep things tasteful. This is a family environment, after all.

Business Card Holder

Take care of business and its cards with this tray and display slot. There’s a built-in pencil holder, too.

The Coaster

What can we say, we’re protective of our loved ones. And no better way to protect your beloved Mateo Sit-Stand desk than with an elegant coaster for cups or even small plants in a pot.

Mix + Match. 

Here are some of our favorite combos whether you’re in the office or working remotely

Partition + Lamp + Drafting Table + Phone Stand + Small Shelf

Partition + Tablet Stand

So, feeling inspired yet? Which add-ons are you looking to add on? Head over to our Accessories to create your Mateo Sit-Stand desk combo and make your desk yours.


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