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WFH Upgrades with Immeasurable (and Sometimes Measurable) ROI

WFH Upgrades with Immeasurable (and Sometimes Measurable) ROI

Home offices are all the rage right now. Ah, yes, rage — the emotion we can all feel while cooped up in the same building from 9 to 5 to 9 again.

If you’re spending that much time in a single spot, surround yourself with things that keep you fresh. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you for the investment. 


Plants make you more productive. And we aren’t just talking about all the productivity required to keep a plant alive. Studies show that when added to offices, our lush, leafy friends can boost productivity by 15%.1 



Green thumb or not, place one of these not-so-demanding plants in your space. And your productivity will likely see noticeable growth.

  • Snake plant — aka Sansevieria
  • Peace lily — aka Spathiphyllum 
  • Succulents 
  • ZZ Plant — aka Zamioculcas zamiifolia
  • Nerve plants — aka Fittonia

We’re partial to The Sill, but you can’t go wrong with supporting your local nursery either.

A foam roller

That knot in your neck won’t take care of itself. Odds are your home office doesn’t have a personal masseuse. And if it does, can we share an office space? Okay, so if deep-tissue expert François won’t be making house calls, reach for the foam roller a few times a day.



A foam roller can help you relieve tension. And it’ll increase blood flow, helping you stay alert and at the ready to tackle whatever your day may bring. 

Our pick: Triggerpoint has done wonders for us. If you’ve got the extra cash, opt for a massage gun like Theragun.

A boombox

Your computer’s speakers are probably pretty tinny. Set up a classic boombox or connect a Bluetooth speaker for a deeper, fuller sound. Sharing a home office with toddler roommates? Headphones work just as well. Listen, if you’re sitting or standing all day, take some breaks and get that blood pumping.




Hit play on whatever gets you moving and dance like nobody’s watching. Well, first, double check your video conference camera is off. THEN dance like nobody’s watching. 

And not all speakers are an eyesore. Like, for instance, this one from Bang & Olufsen.

A fresh coat of paint

What color is your home office? How does it make you feel? You’d be amazed at what a new paint color could do.



Blues can be soothing and calming. Yellows, energizing and stimulating. Off-white puts less strain on your eyes. Pick a color that welcomes you to the home office every day while also stimulating your senses for a productive day.

Want to bring even more of the office home? Consider painting one wall with dry erase paint for workshops and notes.

The Mateo Sit-Stand Desk

Certainly we’re biased, so we’ll let the numbers do the talking. Our beautiful, functional sit-stand desk can boost creativity by 64%. 



A sit-stand desk is a home-office investment with rejuvenating returns for your mind, body and soul. Read more: Why Buy a Standing Desk?

Plus, it ships free

Last, but not least: Coasters

A coaster? Hey, if all else fails, you can try literally caffeinating your creativity with caffeine from the nectar of the almighty coffee bean. And if you do, let’s be sure not to get any mug rings on that new beautiful Mateo Sit-Stand desk of yours. Perhaps, with a Mateo Goods Coaster. Of course we offer coasters. What can we say, we’re protective of our desks.

Cheers to living an inspired life.



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