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Why buy a standing desk?

Why buy a standing desk?

The benefits of a sit-stand desk

By a show of hands, who here could use a creative boost? Keep your hands up if you’ve attempted to do it with more and more coffee. 

Okay, all of your hands are still up. Hrmm, it’s hard to tell if you’re answering our question or if you’re trying to excuse yourself to the restroom because of all that coffee you’ve been sipping.

Boost creativity

Turns out, sit-stand desks boost creativity by 64%. But what good is a creativity-boosting work environment if it’s not comfortable? Excellent question — sure, we wrote the question, but it’s well documented that we, Mateo Goods, are appreciative when things are finely crafted like, say, a standing desk or a question. 

Back to the question, sit-stand desks improve comfort, too. But what good is a more comfortable work environment if you’re just going to fall asleep on the job? As the saying goes: you snooze, you lose your day job probably.

More comfortable. More energy. Less stress.

Sit-stand desks increase both comfort and energy levels by 87%.1

Whew, what a relief. For you, of course. And for us because, hey, we sell adjustable height desks. So you can imagine how good the news of this research was. In fact, we dug even deeper and were relieved to find that sit-stand desks also reduce stress by 78%.2

That is, if you moderate those cups of coffee we talked about. Look, a desk isn’t going to do your stress any good if you’ve chugged the entire pot to get through a creative breakthrough. Yep, that’s a coffee callback — one we wouldn’t have had the creative energy to make if we weren’t writing this from one of our standing desks.

More time to live a more inspired life.

Imagine what you could do with all of this newfound creativity, comfort and energy. In an environment where stress is at an all-time low. With the freedom and inspiration to get stuff done. And the time to do it. Studies have shown that cutting how much time you sit to three hours a day could raise the average American’s life expectancy by two years.3

No need for a standing ovation for this excellent news. But, please do stand at a standing desk. 

Where to get a sit-stand desk

Sounds like now you’re in the market for a healthier, more inspired work environment. You’ve come to the right place. We mentioned before that we sell sit-stand desks. Allow us to elaborate. 

The Mateo Sit-Stand Desk
Smart. Functional. Ergonomic. And beautiful to boot.

An adjustable height desk with 2 felt-lined drawers and integrated wire management. Comes with 3 power modules and USB charging ports. Invites customization with 1000+ options to mix and match a partition, shelves, drafting attachments and so much more. Did we mention the free shipping? 

Sturdier than the DIY route. More accommodating than the other options on the market. 

Meet Mateo


Those other options out there can be overwhelming. Some you’ll want to avoid completely. Others will make it a tough choice. That’s why we laid out a streamlined buying guide for you in our post What sit-stand desk should you buy? 

Heck, if you’re ready to live a more inspired life today, we’re ready. Upgrade your work environment. Order a Mateo Sit-Stand Desk in just a few minutes.



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