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The Sit Desk

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Love the design of our sit-stand desk but hate standing? Then this is the desk for you. Get all of the thoughtfully designed details of a Mateo desk, without any actuation. Each part of this desk is made from wood and handcrafted with care. It’s solid. It comes with two power modules; one in the core and one under the desk. Customize it with a selection of colors and finishes to perfectly match your workspace vibe. This desk is also compatible with the partition and accessories offered for all of our desks. So sit down, pull up a chair, and enjoy the beautiful functionality a Mateo desk brings to your workspace.

The Partition is not included. Add it on here!

Product Highlights

  • Free Shipping

  • Hand Crafted, High Quality

  • Customizable Options


Dimensions: 46" x 26" or 52" x 26"

Height: 29.2"

Assembly + Care

Care & Maintenance
To protect the finish of your Mateo Goods investment, we do not recommend using typical household cleaning products. Please use a soft, dry cloth to clean wood & laminate surfaces.

It may look complicated, but you’ve got this! Assembly is very straightforward and we have an instructional video and provided easy to follow printed instructions. The desk can be assembled individually no problem, but everything is better with a friend. Plus, we’re always available to help out if needed!