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Where are the desks made?
The desks are designed at our HQ in Phoenix, Arizona, and they are fabricated and shipped out of Hermosillo, Mexico.

Are the desks powered?
Yes! The sit-stand functionality operates by two powered actuators that are controlled by a button on the front of the desk. You can preset certain heights with this controller for even easier use. Additionally, we have provided a two power strips that includes two USB ports integrated into the core and side of the desk so you can plug in your devices. 

How high does the desk raise?
The desk raises to 48.5" and sits at its lowest point at 28.5".

When can I expect delivery of my purchase?
Orders are expected to ship in 4 to 6 weeks after purchase.

Do I have to assemble the desk when it is shipped to me?
Yes, but don't worry! We got you. Assembly is very straightforward and we have made an instructional video and provided easy to follow printed instructions. The desk can be assembled individually no problem, but everything is better with a friend! Plus, we're available to help out if needed!

How much weight can the desk hold?
Below you will find a video link to me being lifted by the desk (approx 210lbs). Each actuator that we put into the desk is rated for 175lbs, for a total of 350lbs. I think you will find the unit is very sturdy and extremely well made. We've tested these actuators in over 100 desks. See this video of me laying on the desk as it goes up and down.