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The Baltic Sit-Stand Desk

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Mateo has set out to redefine the work environment, and we’re starting that conversation with the Sit-Stand. It’s simple. Beautiful. Smart. Functional. Ergonomic. Think about it — how much time do you spend working? Why can’t your work environment be as inspiring as it is functional? Who wants a bunch of clutter and cords showing all the time, especially when your office is also your home? Why build something flimsy out of materials that are wasteful? Why not have a work environment that inspires you and creates a sense of comfort? This desk is 100% finished and made-to-last, adjustable height desk with 2 felt-lined drawers and integrated wire management. Comes with 3 power modules with USB charging ports.

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Product Highlights

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  • Hand Crafted, High Quality

  • Healthy Workspace


Dimensions: 46" x 26" or 52" x 26"

Adjustable Height: 29.2" to 48.9"

Assembly + Care

Care & Maintenance
To protect the finish of your Mateo Goods investment, we do not recommend using typical household cleaning products. Please use a soft, dry cloth to clean wood & laminate surfaces.

It may look complicated, but you’ve got this! Assembly is very straightforward and we have an instructional video and provided easy to follow printed instructions. The desk can be assembled individually no problem, but everything is better with a friend. Plus, we’re always available to help out if needed!

Beauty, meet function

Modern Design

Mateo is a company that sweats the small details. We’ve built in a number of little touches that just make the desk feel more personal.

Your next position, is the best position

Electronic Height Adjustment

The desk rises and falls through a simple push button height adjustment.

No detail overlooked


Each and every curve, cut, and finish is meticulously cared for by real craftsmen. We are about every single piece we produce.

Mess-free aesthetic

Intuitive Cable Management

The desks have a built-in wire management system that hides unsightly wires and accounts for just how many devices we have in our lives.

Tailored to your every need


We’ve designed a whole suite of accessories that lets you personalize your desk and workspace with thousands of combinations.

Everything at your fingertips

Convenient Storage

The design includes secondary surfaces that help hide clutter and allow you to enjoy your office spaces.

Match you (and your room’s) personality

Colors & Finishes

Resilient materials, color options, and different wood finishes. The Sit-Stand Desk by Mateo is made of resilient materials, including solid Baltic Birch with a focus on eliminating waste and ensuring durability and longevity.